Remote Sensing cameras & sensors

Trichogramma dropper

Biological pest control from the air!

Via Trichogramma containers, ichneumon for the biological control of the corn borer (System AMW, others on request) can be ejected. One container (500 balls) can cover about 5 ha. Each ejection and error event is logged. The dropping of the balls is triggered automatically and planned precisely before the flight by means of a flight planning software.

If you already use a XR6 hexacopter, you can easily upgrade your copter with a Trichogramma dropper. The mount of the Trichogramma dropper of course is the same that is used by all other “standard” camera systems offered by geo-konzept for the XR6. This means that the sensor change is no problem and can be done in the field within about 1 minute.

Performance features

  • 1 flight = 500 balls = 5 ha
  • Documentation of the application
  • Reliable system for safe execution
  • Upgrade payload for the XR6 hexacopter