Blast design at its highest level:
WORKSHOPS 2021 by our experts!

…cancelled due to current situation.

Take your blast design to a new level and benefit from the experience and know-how of our specialists:

What innovations and improvements exist – which proven and tested systems lead to even more efficient results? The training courses help you to optimize your workflows and reach full use of our software solutions!

The main focus is of course on the award-winning blast design software QuarryX, but we also provide further training content like QuarryPocket, BlastManager, QuarryDetonator, VolumeX, QuarryManager and our drill rig guidance system RiGuide.

due to the current situation, and the prolonged restrictions in our country, we have to cancel our blast design workshops in 2021.
We hope that you will get through this special time well and healthy and look forward to seeing you again at our workshops in 2022.
In case you have any questions, problems with the software or want to discuss about new or existing features, please feel free to get in touch with us!

Due to the current corona pandemic, we reserve the right to make changes to the workshop organization at short notice. We ask for your understanding.

Any questions? Please contact us:

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