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geo-konzept stands for reliable and robust satellite navigation and GIS technology in agriculture and forestry. The company was founded in 1992 by Dipl.-Ing. agr. Thomas Muhr. geo-konzept offers its customers manufacturer independent and individual GPS-based steering systems as well as nationwide RTK-correction signal and belongs to the market leaders in this area.

Keywords are parallel guidance, steering assistance, automatic steering systems, active and passive implement steering. Furthermore geo-konzept’s portfolio covers laser-based and high-precision 2D and 3D survey systems for an efficient and safe blast planning and design. Mobile GIS solutions as well as remote sensing bundles complement the product range.

Business activities of geo-konzept GmbH

The company geo-konzept supports its customers with modern technique, extensive know-how and long-lasting experience in finding economic and efficient solutions for your business. As independent provider, geo-konzept can offer standard products, like parallel guidance systems, as well as in-house special solutions and software and combine them with the best technique available at the market. The business activities range from precision farming to steering and guiding of implements or from GPS correction service to survey, blast design and documentation.

Our customers

geo-konzept’s clientele covers agricultural holdings of varying size, service providers and agricultural engineering dealers as well as blast companies, blast service providers, municipalities, survey offices and universities.

Why geo-konzept?

The employees of geo-konzept combine long-lasting experience with comprehensive know-how. geo-konzept can offer its clients customized solutions as an independent dealer. The knowledge of the newest techniques and technologies as well as the actual requirements in the daily use is an enormous advantage and makes geo-konzept unique at the market. The employees of geo-konzept can exactly evaluate which trend is really important and useful and which one finally will stay a fleeting star.