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geo-konzept Gesellschaft für Umweltplanungssysteme mbH
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85111 Adelschlag
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Managing Directors: Dipl. Ing. Agr. Thomas Muhr and Ulrich Wagner

Commercial Register: District Court Ingolstadt Division B Number 1450
VAT number: 124/127/30168
EC VAT ID: DE 152 925 629

General Terms of Delivery (as of: 30.06.2009)

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geo-konzept Gesellschaft für Umweltplanungssysteme mbH

Spam mails with as sender
Recently, spam mails with a address as sender are increasingly appearing.
We are aware of these emails through notifications from mail servers that classify these emails as spam. Emails are rejected by these mail servers, and we receive a notification.

We are not the sender of these spam mails. We have also checked our mail servers and our network and can rule out that a third-party sent out spam mails out of our domain or misused our mail servers.
However, what we cannot exclude is that criminal third parties send spam mails with a email address in the sender of the mail using other mail servers. To exclude this is technically not possible for us. Nevertheless, we would like to apologize to you if you have received spam mails with a address in the sender.

Of course, we strive to combat this spam. For this we need the help of the affected email receiver. Therefore, if you receive spam email addresses with a email address in the sender, we ask you to:

Try to determine the provider of the spam mail sender from the header of the mail and send an email to:

It is important that you attach the header of the spam mail to this email.

Please take us in copy in your email to the provider or the body that you notify. You can also just send us the spam mail (but it is important the you include theheader), we will then pursue the matter.

A very detailed guide to the topic of email headers and spam handling in German is available on the Internet at

Here you can also find out how you can view the email header in your mail program and who you can contact if you receive spam mails.

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