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GPS & GNSS receivers

geo-konzept supports its customers with modern technology, comprehensive know-how and many years of experience in finding economical and effective solutions for their businesses. As an independent provider, geo-konzept can offer both standard products as well as customized solutions.


A receiver for any application!

Development of the geo-kombi was the logical result of many years of experience in machine control, positioning and surveying in agriculture and forestry as well as mining.
When the geo-kombi is outfitted with a GSM module, you have two controllers and an additional GPS receiver at your disposal. These can meet even high-complexity, customer-specific requirements, particularly in machine management and receiver control.
The numerous Internet protocols that geo-kombi supports out of the box make it the ideal receiver for more than just mobile applications. geo-kombi can be integrated into your GNSS network software as a GNSS raw data sensor without additional servers or PCs. For example, it can act as an easy-to-control reference station in a construction site network or as an affordable yet highly precise independent time server for communication or production tasks.


— Modular design
— Highly accurate and independent
— Flexible applications
— Perfect for integrating GNSS technology into existing systems and new designs


Stonex S580

Mobile data collection with RTK accuracy

The Stonex S580 is the latest generation of L1/L2 RTK receivers: reliable, compact and RTK accurate. With correction data, the S580 is ideal for surveys of all kinds, especially in the agricultural sector. Data is transferred via Bluetooth and is therefore compatible with almost all hardware solutions. The configuration of the receiver can be checked or changed at any time via the web interface.






— Light and robust (IP67)
— Submeter accuracy with EGNOS
— RTK accuracy with RTK correction data
— Wireless data transfer
— Web interface

Data sheet

Stonex S900+

Accurate at all times with GNSS!

The new Stonex S900+ is your partner for measurements with the highest GNSS accuracy requirements. Due to the fast initialization time, you are ready for use within a very short time. Excellent signal evaluation enables you to have a stable RTK status even in adverse conditions. The robust receiver (IP 67) comes with a transport case that offers space for additional accessories.



Performance features

— 4G GSM modem
— Radio UHF Tx/Rx 410-470MHz
— maximum 50 HZ NMEA output
— Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Web UI
— IP 67
— transport case

Data sheet

Juniper Systems Geode GNS3

Compact, open and precise: your solution at a reasonable price

The Juniper Systems Geode GNS3 receiver lets you easily collect real-time GNSS data with submeter, subfoot, and decimeter accuracy options. The “one-button-simple” design enables intuitive and easy operation. The Overtime Technology battery provides enough energy for long working days and saves energy even in extreme temperatures.

The open interface makes Geode GNS3 a real all-round talent: use the receiver with any of Juniper Systems’ handhelds or with your own iPhone™, iPad™, Windows® or Android™ device.

Here’s Juniper Systems’ easy-to-use, affordable answer to GNSS data collection.

Ihre Vorteile

— Scalable submeter, subfoot, and decimeter accuracy
— Multi-frequency antenna (L1, L2, L5)
— Robust (IP68)
— All-day battery life
— USB Type-C: supports USB fast charging
— Incl. pole mounting adapter & charger


Trimble BX992

The perfect match to your system!

Being ready for future developments can be so easy: The Trimble BX992 offers maximum variability.
It is quickly and easily integrated into existing systems. Two antenna connections are the prerequisite for a 2-antenna heading solution. No matter what accuracy is required in the field, this receiver offers all levels of accuracy. In addition to GPS, GLONASS, Galileo and BeiDou, the BX992 can also be used as a base station with an external radio. The web interface offers numerous configuration options.




— 2-antenna heading solution can be implemented
— Output rates up to 50 Hz
— Different levels of accuracy
— Available in numerous variants
— Compact and robust design (IP67)