Mobile computers & handhelds for outdoor use

geo-konzept supports its customers with modern technology, comprehensive know-how and many years of experience in finding economical and effective solutions for their businesses. As an independent provider, geo-konzept can offer both standard products, such as Trimble technology, as well as customized solutions.

Handheld Algix 10X

No compromises!

Not meant for office use. The Algiz 10X is intended for an entirely different environment: It is at home in the outdoors, whether at the quarry, on the construction site, in the forest or on your tractor.
Is a PDA display too small and a laptop too sensitive and inconvenient? Then the Algiz tablets are perfect for you. The Algiz 10X is robust and yet still light (1.3 kg) and has a 10.1″ touchscreen and a 1.86 GHz Intel Atom processor. The battery lasts longer, too. Windows 7 provides a proven operating system and an optional 128 GB flash drive for your data that rivals Fort Knox.




— Large 10.1″ display
— Robust design: dust and water resistant according to IP65 standard, shockproof to military standards
— Proven combination of Intel processor and Windows 7
— Optional 60 GB hard drive or up to 128 GB flash drive
— A gift for communication: Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and optionally GSM/GPRS/EDGE/UMTS

Texxmo Kaleo 22G RTK

The compact solution for geodata collection!

The Kaleo 22G is a multi-functional tablet PC with an integrated Trimble BD930 RTK receiver. The 9″ display has a capacitive touchscreen that is readable in sunlight. In addition to the Intel Celeron Dual Core processor, a three-frequency GNSS module has also been installed. This makes the entire spectrum of applications in geodata collection available to users. The Kaleo 22G is also very light and extremely resistant (IP65).
This compact RTK system is not only suitable for point-precise boundary stone or GCP surveying, but also for GNSS-supported classification in plot trials. When connected to an external antenna, Kaleo 22G becomes a full-featured RTK surveying system. The TNC connector allows both small patch antenna as well as premium GNSS antenna, such as Trimble Ag25 or Zephyr 2, to be connected.




— Integrated receiver
— GNSS module
— Integrated camera
— Very lightweight and extremely resilient

Trimble Kenai

The robust tablet PC for use in the field!

The Trimble Kenai tablet PC wins you over with the best technical features and resistance (IP65) against all environmental factors. The user interface is ideal for more complex applications.
The tablet PC uses Microsoft Windows 10 Professional operating system to support all current software programs for your application. The 10″ display can also be used in sunlight. Of course this includes a GPS receiver (2-4 m accuracy). This receiver can be refined using an external antenna that can be connected directly to the tablet. The Trimble Kenai makes everything possible.



— Windows 10 Professional operating system
— 10.1″ Gorilla Glass display that can be used in sunlight
— 8 MP camera
— Integrated GPS receiver (accuracy: 2-4 m)
— Robust tablet PC (IP65)

Trimble Nomad

High performance for tough jobs!

The Nomad 1050 is the successor to our Trimble Nomad 900B. Just as robust, but with a fast 1 GHz processor and 512 MB of storage, it is equipped for higher demands. If necessary, the Nomad can work non-stop for 15 hours. A high-performance lithium-ion battery provides the required power.
Like almost all devices in the Trimble family, the Nomad is also watertight, dust resistant and shockproof (according to IP68 standard) and comes with the newest Windows Mobile operating system. The Nomad is operated via a touchscreen and keypad and the display is easy to read, even in sunlight. Upon request, it can also be outfitted with GPS, Wi-Fi, Barcode scanner and GSM modem.




— Extremely robust: water, dust and shock resistant in accordance with the rigorous IP68 standard
— Extremely long-lived: 15-hour battery life
— Extremely powerful: 1 GHz processor
— Bluetooth, also optionally GPS and Wi-Fi
— Microsoft Windows Embedded 6.5 operating system for almost any application
— 512 MB RAM and up to 8 GB non-volatile memory, expandable


Powerful and extremely robust

The Mesa-2 Tablet PC is your trusted partner in mobile data collection. Its rugged design includes a quad-core Intel® Atom ™ Z3745 processor. A powerful lithium-ion battery provides the necessary energy for a complete working day.
The Mesa-2 is waterproof, dustproof and shockproof (IP68 standard) and comes with Windows 10 operating system. The Mesa-2 is operated via touch screen and keyboard. Four programmable side buttons help you to optimize your workflow. Even in direct sunlight, the 7 “display is still perfectly readable. Trust in ergonomic design and maximum performance for your field work!





— Extremely robust: water, dust and shock resistant according to the tough IP68 standard
— Extremely enduring: 8-10 hours of battery life
— Extremely powerful: Quad-core Intel® Atom ™ Z3745 processor
— Bluetooth, WiFi, 4G LTE modem (optional)
— Windows 10 operating system
— 64GB of data storage and 4GB of RAM

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