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Wireless and mobile communication

geo-konzept offers you a variety of wireless and mobile communication solutions. In cooperation with powerful partners, such as Thaysen Telekom, TESSCO or Hermes Microcom, we offer you the right solution!

Radio Accessories

Components for radio technology

Thaysen Telekom is our partner for professional radio technology.
In addition to traditional solutions, we can also offer our customers individual packages in order to meet even highly specific requirements.


— Many years of experience in radio sector
— Individual packages

Radio Data Transmission

Radio modems optimized for agriculture!

geo-konzept is the exclusive dealer of radio data modems by Hermes Microcom for agricultural use.
These modems are used to transmit encrypted data from RTK corrections between machine and reference station, ensuring a stable radio connection.


— Special radio data modem for agricultural use

Wi-Fi Networks

Components for indoor and outdoor use

As a partner of TESSCO, the leading provider of wireless communication solutions, we offer our customers all the necessary components for constructing their own Wi-Fi network, in whatever size they like.
This is the ideal solution for wireless connections between various network components both indoors and out.


— Wireless networking for multiple components
— Robust technology for indoors and out
— Leading technology by TESSCO