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Software solutions for your application

geo-konzept supports its clients with a variety of software solutions, enabling fast and efficient GIS data collection. You can choose between different collection methods, depending on the software. You can also process collected data directly. The variety of data formats available provides compatibility with other software packages.

geo-mobile EZ

Your GIS data will be mobile!

Our mobile GIS solution for professional surveying of areas, lines and points as well as taking out points in the field. It is easy to use and can be combined with several GPS/GNSS receivers and other sensors.
Update existing or log new data. With geo-mobile EZ on your handheld or tablet, you can record multiple features at the same time. You can automatically create time-saving attribute lists and input masks using your existing shape files. Our software supports all established geo-data formats. Take static measurements or survey your property boundaries in kinematic mode. Save yourself from running duplicate paths when mapping neighboring areas; record both areas at the same time! Looking for a boundary stone? Mark the point you’re looking for on the background map or enter its coordinates—one click and the software will show you the way.
geo-mobile EZ can be used in agriculture and forestry, e.g. for surface measurements, soil sampling, surveying for cadastral inventory maps, community administrative tasks, e.g. managing and maintaining infrastructure, planning maintenance work, landscape planning, e.g. surveying biotopes, mapping land-use plans for water management, e.g. maintaining pipe networks.



— Minimal hardware requirements
— Navigation function
— Static and dynamic measurement
— Use laser surveying to round out your GPS receiver
— Work with background data
— Quality parameters, such as SNR, PDOP and HDOP, or receipt of DGPS and RTK corrections, are automatically documented
— Log multiple features at once and save time and travel distances

Solo Office

The PC version of geo-mobile EZ!

SoloOffice is the PC version of the favorite, geo-mobile EZ, and is therefore the perfect addition for office use. Now available in German, it offers numerous GIS functions at an affordable price.
Features include working with a multitude of raster and vector data formats for background information, splitting and merging polygons and easy map printing. Geo-reference aerial images and create your own set of transformation parameters in order to collect aligned geo-data for your region using geo-mobile EZ in the field.




— Work with grid and vector data
— Easy map printing
Geo-reference aerial images


The tool for service providers

CoGIS offers different service providers a multitude of functions for surveying, soil sampling and remote sensing. Through the user-friendly layout, this software gets the ideal tool – from surveying to UAV data analysis.
CoGIS consists of the modules “Basic”, “Mapping”, “Advanced Mapping” and “UAV”.

The module “Mapping” enables the user to use simple GIS functions like measuring points and areas or even complex tasks like the georeferenced soil sampling with an automatic barcode generation.

The “UAV” module includes beside the flight planning of the own UAV, the possibility to calculate vegetation indices like e.g. the NDVI based on own remote sensing data and display the area heterogeneity graphically via a zone map. These zone maps can be easily processed to an application map and can be used as a machine readable file (shape).


Automatic georeferencing of soil samples
— Scanning of existing barcodes
— Generation of new barcodes incl. printing option
— Adding specific sample information for a later distinct identification of single samples
— Automatic flight planning
— Calculation of own vegetation indices or predefined ones like the NDVI
— Creation of zone and application maps for site-specific treatment
— Download of the produced maps