Flight systems by geo-konzept

With geo-konzept, you get exactly the right contact, if you are interested in an UAV. Through the possibility of independent advice, we can offer you the best fitting system for your application and give you advice in decision-making. Our product portfolio comprises different UAVs like VTOL (Vertical Take-Off an Landing) or fixed-wing systems (transition UAVs).
Of course our UAV systems can be equipped with your own sensors or with one of the cameras and sensors already integrated by us. Hence you can e.g. do yield prediction and vegetation control on your own.
Depending on your application, there are different demands to the flight system. Does a heavy sensor require a bigger take-off weight? Have big areas to be covered by the flight system or is a high ground resolution the most important need? With our different systems, we cover a huge bandwidth of applications. Therefore we want to present you our flight systems and the possibilities linked to them.

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Transition UAV Trinity

Just Fly!

The transition UAV Trinity of Quantum Systems is a totally new and revolutionary flight system. By the patented flight technique, it is possible to combine the advantages of a vertically taking-off copter with the efficient volplane characteristics of a fixed-wing. The Trinity offers huge ground coverage at a low price and can be used nearly everywhere, because of its vertical take-off. The system is designed for an efficient use and is offered by geo-konzept as a bundle consisting of hardware, in-house software and training (as certified UAV DACH e.V. member).
geo-konzept offers this flight system exclusively as system solution for the site-specific analysis of agricultural fields. The result is a ready to use application map that can be directly transferred to the machine in different formats for sowing, fertilizing or plant management.

Overview of technical data:
• Max. take-off weight (MTOW): 5 kg
• Payload: up to 500 g
• Flight time – Trinity 60/ Trinity 120: up to 60min. / 90min.
• Range Trinity: up to 77 km = 550 ha
• Range remote control: until 3 km
• Flight speed: 60-80 km/h
• Weather limit: up to 6 m/s (ca. 22 km/h)
• Protection: IP44
• Wing spread: 2394 mm
• Size transport case: 1002 x 830 x 270mm

Performance features

Easy and intuitive handling of whole system
— Vertical take-off and landing (VTOL)
— Huge range and ground coverage
— Flight system is easy to disassemble
— Whole system fits in a ruggedized transport case

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XR6 Hexacopter

Individual flight system!

The XR6 is a hexacopter equipped with 6 air screws and offers an integrated video transmission and powerful motors. These enable a longer flight time and better image quality that is enabled by the vibration damped and shock absorbing payload gimbal.
The XR6 can carry up to 2kg of payload. Hence also bigger sensors and camera systems (e.g. RGB, multispectral, thermal cameras as well as a trichogramma dropper) can be used. The advantage of our hexacopter is the great flexibility that is especially useful for service providers.
Of course also this system is offered as a bundle. All necessary hard- and software as well as a training of several days’ duration by the product specialists of geo-konzept are included. Hence it is possible to gather own aerial photos cost-efficiently and temporarily flexible.

Performance features

Payload: up to 2kg
— High flexibility
— Fast sensor change possible
— High wind stability: up to 15m/s (ca. 54km/h)
— Endurance: 18-25min.

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