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Quarry face surveying  

The safe and economic performance of blasting activities requires precise planning. geo-konzept offers you a variety of manual and automatic 2D and 3D systems that facilitate precise quarry face surveying and form the basis for optimal blast planning.

Automatic 3D Surveys

3D laser scanning system

3D FastScan Profiler HP is an automatic 3D laser scanning system. This extremely light and compact device senses the quarry face fully automatically and stores the data in a handheld. The device achieves a measurement rate/speed of up to 181 points/10° per second.
The system’s modular design enables fast and easy updates and upgrades on external data loggers. Furthermore, the handheld can also be used with other surveying instruments, such as blasthole probes or GPS/GNSS.
The device offers a distance accuracy of 2.5 cm and is eye-safe as per laser class 1M.





— Measurement rate of up to 181 pts/sec
— Angular accuracy of 0.009°
— Horizontal and vertical rotational speed of up to 10°/sec
— Measurement intervals (0.10 m at 100 meter distance)

Data sheet

Manual 3D Surveying

The affordable entry into 3D quarry face surveying!

This manual 3D system offers easy surveying of quarry faces at an unbeatable price-performance ratio: The affordable 2D basic system can easily be upgraded with a horizontal angle sensor to a full-featured 3D system. Precise 3D models can be created in no time. These form the basis for especially safe and economical blast planning.
Creating optimal blast plans becomes easy, fast and manageable. Safe, economical and fully automated documentation.
Of course, you can also use the system to determine stockpile volumes.





— Easy to use
— Light and compact
— Range: up to 500 m
— Precision: typically 3-5 cm

Data sheet

Manual 2D Surveying

The easy-to-use basic system!

Precise plans mean economical and safe blasting! Precise quarry face data form the basis for precise planning. The affordable 2D basic system is the gateway to precise laser quarry face surveying.
The 2D basic system includes a handheld laser, a Trimble Nomad handheld and QuarryPocket software for recording 2D quarry face data. QuarryPocket creates a graphic profile as well as a burden table. The information, as well as all planning options, are available immediately on site, following the survey. The QuarryX 2D blast planning software, also included, enables post-processing in the office and profile prints for documentation purposes. The system is particularly robust and easy to use.


— Survey 2D profiles
— Process and print profiles with QuarryX 2D software
— Calculate targets and visual presentation
— Integrates with QuarryDetonator

Data sheet