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RTK correction data – For those who value accuracy!

No matter if surveying or mapping: RTK correction data are unavoidable. Our GNSS receivers can determine positions with an accuracy of 2.5 cm. The requisite correction data are either created via RTK reference stations or provided by an RTK network. Reference stations cover areas from 5 to 30 km. An RTK network provides correction data centrally, via a server. The data are then received in the field using cellular or radio modems.
The advantage: area-wide coverage, minimal investment and flexible pricing.

AgCelNet RTK Network

Correction data everywhere!

The AgCelNet RTK network enables receipt of correction data across all of Germany, Austria and the Czech Republic.
The central server is capable of providing correction data simultaneously in various formats, i.e. for various receiver models, as well as for GPS and GLONASS. RTK network correction data are available via the Internet. Therefore, they can also be accessed via cellular radio. Likewise, a computer with Internet access can access data and make it available via radio.
Job assessments are easy via an online portal. This also offers the option of ascertaining the current status and/or following machine movements.



Area-wide coverage across Germany, Austria and Czech Republic
— Compatible with all receivers
— Signal reception via cellular radio, radio and Internet
— Minimal costs
— A variety of pricing models to choose from

Stationary RTK Reference Station

Signal coverage up to 30 km!

The stationary RTK reference station offers the greatest advantages for replicable and high-precision position determination, with up to 2.5 cm accuracy. These correction data can be transferred via cellular radio or radio.
An area of up to 25 km can be supplied with correction data via radio. With good cellular coverage this can expand to 30 km.
The station consists of GNSS receivers and Internet or radio modems. The GNSS antenna is typically mounted on a building with clear panoramic visibility.




— Area-wide coverage
— Range up to 30 km
— Supplies multiple vehicles
— Replicable accuracy: 2.5 cm

Mobile RTK Reference Station

Mobile with up to 5 km coverage!

A mobile base station is flexible and independent of cellular coverage. The radio data range can extend up to 5 km.
The station provides correction signals for position determination with 2.5 cm accuracy, but is of limited use if positions or passes will be revised after an extended period of time. Base station operation requires registration. However, there are no running costs. A mobile base station typically only supplies one vehicle (Rover) with correction data.






— Area-wide coverage
— Range up to 5 km
— Minimal start-up costs
— No running costs