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Area surveys

A well-conceived surveying system is essential for precise and simple area surveying. You can choose from a variety of systems, depending on your accuracy requirements. For specialized survey technology requirements, we will develop a customized system made up of our individual components.

RTK Accuracy - GNSS Survey Plus Package

A receiver for any application!

The GNSS Survey Plus package enables easy and precise area surveying. The system encompasses the receiver, handheld and pole. The Stonex S900T receiver (IP67) requires only a short initialization time to calculate position data with RTK accuracy (2.5 cm) using RTK correction data. The system distinguishes itself by being easy and intuitive to use. Data is recorded via our proven combination of Trimble Nomad 1050B (IP 68) and geo-mobile EZ software. Both devices fit in the receiver carrying case.






— RTK accuracy
— Robust hardware
— Configuration possible via web interface
— Compact system

Submeter Accuracy

Flexible from submeter to L1 RTK!

Small, light, robust and versatile. That describes the compact surveying unit, consisting of the Trimble Nomad 1050B (IP 68) handheld, the Stonex S5 (IP 67) receiver and the geo-mobile EZ software. Submeter accuracy is sufficient for measuring areas and collecting points. Free SBAS corrections are used for this process. Accuracy can be increased to RTK level by setting the system to RTK correction data and using the corresponding external antenna.

The receiver’s small size allows you to carry it in your shirt pocket or use it on a pole. Data is transferred to the handheld via a Bluetooth connection. Sun or shade, your data is always visible on your handheld screen.




— Small and robust
— L1 RTK option
— Wireless data transfer
— Configurable via web interface