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GNSS surveying

Integration of GNSS technology into blast planning ensures fast and precise staking out of even complex blasting projects.

Quarry GNSS Professional

Fast and precise staking out of blast projects

geo-konzept GmbH designed their own GPS/GNSS module for the QuarryPocket software to help with fast and precise staking out. Using the planning coordinates for the hole starting points from the QuarryX software, the system guides the operator to the planned hole starting points.
Use of this well-engineered technology ensures increased productivity and safety. Errors in hole depth due to incorrect hole starting point elevations are prevented.
Using AgCelNet correction data, transferred over the cellular network, this system achieves a precision of approx. 2 cm.
In the event of limited cellular reception, it is possible to extend the system using a radio module and to access correction data via a mobile base station. Wireless transmission offers independence from cellular networks and no running expenses are accrued for correction data.



— Precision better than 2 cm
— Receive correction data via cell phone

Data sheet

3D hole navigation solution RiGuide

Reliable and precise!

RiGuide not only saves on staking out of the drill pattern, and therewith a great deal of man hours, but also prevents errors during staking out. Using QuarryX software, every blast can be optimally planned based on 3D data.
To facilitate precise implementation of this plan with the drill rig, geo-konzept offers the 3D hole navigation solution RiGuide drill as an upgrade for all established drill rig manufacturers and models. RiGuide ensures that the planned hole points transferred from the PC are targeted precisely via GPS/GNSS and that the exact hole direction, angle and depth are implemented. The RiGuide terminal guides the drill rig operator to the exact hole position. This saves on the manual staking out of holes. Exact hole depths ensure optimal use of explosives, minimal subdrilling and therewith reduced vibrations as well as an optimal blasting result.


— Saves on manual staking out of drill pattern
— Precise implementation of planned hole depths and angles
— Precision greater than 5 cm
— Complete documentation
— Upgrade for drill rigs from all manufacturers

Data sheet