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Blasting Software

geo-konzept offers a comprehensive range of software packages for quarries—from hole position planning to ignition plans to explosives use. We have the right software solution!
The software packages we offer are continuously improved in-house. We also implement customer-requested changes or additional functions.
Furthermore, we offer fast and knowledgeable support.

BlastManager - Blast Data Management

Manage Blasts!

BlastManager software helps you manage your technical blasting data and serves as an interface between QuarryX, QuarryDetonator and QuarryPocket. Many preparatory tasks, such as processing survey data, that were previously performed manually, are automated with this software.
BlastManager enables the exchange of quarry face, hole deviation and GPS/GNSS survey data between handheld and PC. Data transfers are completely automated and therefore fast and simple.
The BlastManager PRO upgrade also offers functions for creating vibration prediction formulas as well as a detailed cost overview of your blasting activities.



— Organized management for technical blasting data
— Simple exchange of quarry face, hole deviation and GNSS survey data between handheld and PC
— Regression calculation for creating vibration prediction formulas
— Cost overview for individual and multiple blasts

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QuarryX 3D - Blast Planning

The new standard in 3D blast planning!

QuarryX has one purpose: Safe and efficient blasting! Data from 3D quarry face, hole deviation and GNSS surveys are brought together here to create a complete, three-dimensional representation of your blasting project. QuarryX provides various tools and analysis options for planning hole positions. Parameters, such as hole angle, depth, direction, subdrill, as well as desired specifications, can be optimized and adapted in real-time. The BurdenMaster function enables a high degree of safety when identifying critical burdens along the entire quarry face and not just in the profiles. In different views, this can aid in identifying unsafe planning areas and eliminating them with parameter adjustments. A novelty of this function is the additional identification of extensive burdens, which can prevent poor material fragmentation.
As a result of planning, a drill plan can be printed for the drill rig operator, in addition to other standardized printouts containing all relevant blasting data.


— Full integration with BlastManager
— Easy to use
— Intuitive planning tools
— BurdenMaster function
— Standardized profile prints for documentation
— Detailed drilling instructions
— IREDES support
— Volume calculation
— Import quarry face survey, hole deviation and GNSS hole position data

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QuarryDetonator - Explosives Planning

Explosives planning software

QuarryDetonator stands for easy and efficient explosives and delay-sequence planning. All recorded data from the 3D quarry face and hole surveys can be used to create suitable ignition plans (electric, non-electric, electronic) and blast diagrams. The software works with a database that is updated regularly and that contains all current explosives, surface delay detonators, and detonators and their technical blast data.
Non-overlapping ignition plans can be created, changed, simulated and documented quickly and easily. Explosives charge column planning in holes is also quick and easy. Furthermore, there are many useful tools for determining blast quantities, critical location-specific charges and undercharges. Another plus is the integration of various formulas for vibration prediction to determine potential PPVs.



— Electronic, electrical and non-electrical firing planning
— Overlap checks
— Automated documentation
— Complete integration into QuarryX and BlastManager with flexible workflows
— Blast quantity calculation
— Vibration prediction
— Planning and documentation of explosives use

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QuarryPocket - Collecting Survey Data

Mobile software version for recording data!

QuarryPocket is an easy-to-use, modularly designed software for the collection and easy analysis of quarry survey data.
It can record 2D profiles, 3D quarry face data, GPS positions and hole deviation data.
Analysis and planning tools are available for hole deviation and 2D data.

2D module
Records 2D profile data (2D system) with the option of planning the blast project directly on site using a handheld.
The visual profile display and specification chart are updated in real-time so that the effects of changes in starting point position and the angle or depth of the borehole, are immediately visible. A simple load quantity calculation is also available.

3D module
Records 3D quarry face data (e.g. from manual 3D system) for QuarryX blast planning software.

GPS module
Records points, lines and areas. You can even stake out blast projects previously planned in QuarryX. In the event of very uneven surfaces, the position of the hole starting point is adjusted based on height to ensure maintaining the planned burdens.

Hole module
Records survey data from Pulsar blasthole probes (Blasthole Probe Mk3 or Micro Probe Mk3). Hole path and deviations from the target are depicted visually. Point deviations at various depths are represented in a table. The data can be combined with a quarry face model in QuarryX.


— Modular software
— 2D profile recording
— 3D quarry face data collection
— GPS data collection
— Borehole path data collection

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QuarryX 2D - Blast Planning

2D blast planning

QuarryX 2D blast planning software assists in planning boreholes with regard to the angle, depth and position of starting points.
The data from a 2D quarry face survey performed with QuarryPocket can be represented and processed in QuarryX 2D. The visual profile display and burden chart are updated in real-time so that the effects of changes in starting point position and the angle or depth of the hole are immediately visible. A simple load quantity calculation is also possible. Standardized profile prints can be created for documentation purposes.



— Automated data transfers from handheld to PC
— Standardized profile prints for documentation
— Blast quantity calculation
— Volume calculation
— Easy to use

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