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We have been in business for over 25 years, providing hardware and software for satellite navigation, GIS, blast design, laser scanning, remote sensing and much more. We are happy to share our know-how and experience as part of our range of services and training.

Control point calibration

Precise position fixing!

Using a network of fixed reference points (control points), you can position your quarry face models precisely in a high-order coordinate system, even without your own GPS system. The 3D quarry face model is geo-referenced by calibrating the laser scanner with at least three control points. Then data, such as lower and upper edges or hole positions, can be exported and combined with external data (e.g. digital mine plan). geo-konzept GmbH will create a network of control points for you in a matter of hours.





— Precise adherence to mining boundaries
— Update mine plan maps
— Geo-reference any points
— Precision greater than 2 cm

Data sheet

Complete Quarry Surveys

We will create a highly precise 3D model of your mining operation!

Whether with a high-precision laser scanner or via UAV flights, our services also include complete 3D surveying of your operation!
The result of such a survey/flight is a highly precise digital 3D model. Where a flight was performed, high-resolution aerial images are additionally available. The 3D data can be used as a base model, for example, to create a digital 3D mine plan in QuarryManager, which can then be updated daily with data from QuarryX.

We are happy to create a personalized offer for you.



— Fast and precise comprehensive survey
— Update mine plans in just a few days
— Basis for precise volume calculations

Data sheet


Get more out of it!

Training in the high-tech sector is particularly crucial for securing investments and maximizing use of new systems. This is why geo-konzept has, from the start, offered its customers a comprehensive training program. Customer experience shows that training in 3D surveying systems and QuarryX software are especially important.
For more information or to schedule an appointment, please contact us.




— Understandable
— Practical
— Professional exchange