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GPS & GNSS surveying

Soil sampling

Now even more flexible!

geo-konzept offers individual hardware and software solutions for the soil sampling sector. Use CoGIS and FarmInfo software to plan sampling in advance and in coordination with the farmer. Then use the CoGIS Advanced Mapping module to navigate to your sampling points. Even simple GIS functions, such as recording points and areas, can be performed with this tool. More complex tasks, such as geo-referenced soil samples with automatic bar code generation, are also possible, but not a must. It is also possible to connect a bar code scanner. Then use FarmInfo again to properly analyze the soil sample lab reports. At the end, present your client with the zone maps you’ve created. Come to us with your questions!


  • Automatic geo-referencing of soil samples
  • Enter specific soil sample information
  • Scan existing bar codes
  • Generate new bar codes, incl. print option