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Evaluation of remote sensing data

You have data of an application e.g. in surveying, agriculture or mining? Our software solutions enable you to quickly process your remote sensing data from RGB, multi-spectral and thermal cameras to georeferenced orthophotos, terrain models, vegetation indices or 3D point clouds. We offer the right solution for every application!

MiniGIS - Advanced Scoring

Planning and evaluating parcel trials!

The “Advanced Scoring” module for MiniGIS allows you to load digital terrain models and georeferenced multispectral orthophotos of your parcel trials. Thereby an automatic creation and assignment of scoring values per parcel and a statistical evaluation as database file (* .dbf) or comma-separated values (* .csv) can be created and exported. Due to the possibility of a colourized highlighting of scoring values per parcel, a potential trial error can be identified within one mouse click.

Furthermore a direct calculation of the crop height and different vegetation indices per parcel can be executed using predefined or own vegetation indices via the formula editor. The calculation of the crop height is executed based on a UAV ground surface model or by means of the automatic steering system’s log data.
Even the pre-processing of TETRACAM multispectral data can be performed with the help of MiniGIS “Advanced Scoring”, so you only need a minimum number of software products for your data processing.


Performance features

— Evaluation of terrain models and multispectral data directly based of the trial layout
— Direct export of statistical evaluation as * .csv possible
— Any vegetation index can be predefined
— Automated height scoring system based on terrain models

Data sheet

MiniGIS - Counting

Scoring by UAV

The counting of objects is one of the most personnel and time consuming scoring parameters in trial management. Via an UAV flight, RGB orthophotos with a high resolution can be created. Hence it is possible to count objects like e.g. single plants or spikes or flowers. With the Counting-AddOn for MiniGIS, this scoring can be executed easily, autonomously and automatically for each parcel. Herby it is furthermore possible to gauge the automatic counting manually and determine further parameters like the soil coverage parcel specifically.

Your advantages

Fast data acquisition
— Manual or semi-automatic approach
— Flexible counting settings and targeted objects
— Easy handling
— Flexible data output (total amount or coverage rate)
— Process is documented
— Objective and repeatable measurements

Data sheet

MiniGIS - Flowering

Easy scoring of flowering in rape seed

This MiniGIS module facilitates the scoring of flowering in rape seed. At the moment it is necessary to determine the flowering state manually in a regular interval during one month. This scoring hence is linked with huge personnel expenditure and leads to a subjective result. By only some UAV flights, this task can be accomplished more objective and quicker. Premise is the use of a Tetracam MCAW multispectral camera. The UAV data provides you with absolute values of the beginning of flowering.



Your advantages

Fast data acquisition
— Reduction of scoring effort
— Output of absolute values

Data sheet

CoGIS - UAV-Module

Direct evaluation!

CoGIS offers, beside the flight planning, also the possibility to generate vegetation indices (e.g. NDVI etc.) based on the flight data to create application maps for a site-specific treatment. These can be downloaded as shape-files and directly transferred to the Trimble FmX/TMX-2050 or exported as ISOXML. Furthermore damaged areas can be easily digitized and archived for the claim adjustment.
CoGIS enables a direct evaluation of your single images acquired via UAV without the need of knowledge in photogrammetry and the corresponding software. One mouse click is enough to generate a georeferenced orthophoto.


Data sheet

Online Portal FARMInfo - UAV-Module

Analysing and processing remote sensing data online!

The UAV module offers you the possibility to analyse and evaluate remote sensing data easily and quickly. Here you are not restricted to any UAV platform or sensor. Upload your data and compare different records or rate the amount of damaged area in one record. Calculate the site-specific differences of your fields and visualize them. The parameters of the application maps can be individually configured and adapted to your requirements (e.g. machine width, planned application etc.). The finished application maps can be exported in different machine-readable formats and afterwards directly transferred to different tractor terminals. Furthermore there is the possibility to include the UAV data in the complete range of FARMInfo and use it in other modules.

Here you can log-in to the portal!



Performance features

— Import of different remote sensing data
— Calculation of site-specific applications
— Individual adaption of different zones
— Export to different machine-readable formats


Volumes of stockpiles, pits or silo plants quickly and objectively determined!

Do you have problems with the billing of bulks and volumes? We have the solution!
A fast and precise determination of stockpile volumes is indispensable in many working areas (e.g. in quarries, surveying or agriculture). Our software VolumeX provides you with a perfect and flexible tool. Thereby you can determine your stockpile volumes within a few working steps and in an intuitive software interface limited to the essential features. Thus an inventory can be carried out without great operating expense. Furthermore the progress of the stripping or dumping of piles can be documented. Thus you have the possibility to estimate, how long the corresponding materials are still sufficient for the maintenance of the regular operation.


Performance features

— Import of all standard point cloud formats from UAV flights and laser scanners
— Import of surveying data
— Export the results in all common formats
— Intuitive design and simple usability
— Possibility of easy editing of triangulation
— Texturize the stockpiles using RGB-information
— Digitization of contours possible
— Measuring distances, interspaces and areas
— Volume determination within a few mouse clicks
— Calculation of a volume change from multi-temporal data possible
— Support of all common required methods of volume calculation (e.g. base area, level at predefined height, GRID, REB22013 etc.)
— By specifying bulk density and price, tonnage and value of the stockpile are given
— Also multi-deck approach with variable bulk densities in the stockpile possible
— Output of survey reports including all relevant data within one mouse click

Agisoft Metashape

Building orthophotos, terrain models, point clouds or 3D models by the mean of photogrammetry

Are you looking for a professional solution for creating orthophotos, terrain models, point clouds or 3D models by using photogrammetry? We offer the perfect solution for you: AgiSoft Metashape.
AgiSoft Metashape allows you to create a georeferenced stitching of individual photos taken from the ground or from the air by UAV or aircraft. Here all commercially available RGB cameras as well as multispectral and thermal images are supported. Depending on your application area and the requested results, you can choose between a standard and a professional edition. In addition to the standard stand-alone license (also available as an educational license), a floating license for multi-users and large companies is available.

geo-konzept is official AgiSoft training centre!

In addition to the software, you get a professional one-day, customer-specific training of the most important functions of Metashape. Here we will answer in detail your questions based on demo data or even your own data. No matter which applications you want to deal with: agriculture, mining, surveying, archaeology, geotechnics, 3D reconstruction, etc.; we have the right demo datasets!

Performance features

— Support of all common cameras
— Creation of point clouds from RGB, multispectral & thermal images
— Simple and fast georeferencing using camera positions or ground control points
— Export function for point clouds, models and orthophotos etc. in a variety of formats
— Calculation of terrain models, textured 3D models and orthophotos based on the individual images
— Local coordinate system possible
— Simple GIS functions implemented
— One-day individual training
— Training is possible using customer data
— Large number of training demo data from various fields of application available
— Training also expandable with subsequent data evaluation in GIS


Pix4D – the photogrammetry solution for a wide range of applications

Depending on whether you want to process RGB data, images from a multispectral camera or LiDAR point clouds, you will find the right product from this photogrammetry software manufacturer from Switzerland. You can process UAV, satellite or terrestrial images.

With a large portfolio for all types of surveying, mapping, documentation, monitoring through to the creation of zones and application maps, you will find the right product for your purposes here. We would be happy to advise you!

You can obtain these modules directly from us:

PIX4Dmapper is a versatile photogrammetry software that delivers survey quality results and gives mapping professionals full control over their projects. The workflow can be tailored to the exact needs of your team and clients, so you get the results you need.

PIX4Dfields is the precision software for agricultural mapping. With the aerial images captured during a drone flight, you can create reliable maps that provide you with information on the condition of your crops and areas of the field where crops may be stressed. You get the results in the field, even without an internet connection – that’s what makes the whole thing so efficient. In this way, you can precisely plan the site-specific application of operating resources.

— Pix4Dreact
— Pix4Dcloud

— Pix4Dinspec