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System solutions

geo-konzept does not only offer you single products, we understand ourselves as providers of ready-to-fly system solutions. The advantage is that all hardware and software components come together from a single provider, wherefore they are perfectly matching one to another and, thanks to our many years of experience with the systems and solutions, also perfectly fit your application. Let us advise you, which solution suits best to your requirements in agriculture, seed breeding and mining! We will put together your individual bundle.

Scoring system

Precision Farming from the Air!

geo-konzept offers components and complete solutions for the execution of scoring in trial management. Especially in their interaction, our products show their advantages and offer a systematic approach. All threads converge in the software MiniGIS.
This allows precise planning of trial layouts and they can be adapted to your own requirements. The flight planning for a UAV flight can also be carried out easily and safely with MiniGIS. By default, we offer various sensors for scoring: high-resolution RGB, multispectral and thermal cameras. It is also possible to integrate your own sensors into our UAV.
The UAV data can be processed and visualized via MiniGIS and the final parameters can be exported as a table. When evaluating, there is the possibility to access many predefined settings or, on request, independently calculate indices to adapt the data according to your local conditions.
The digital trial plots plan also can be used for an area-specific treatment of the parcels and further sensors.
It is furthermore possible to execute the scoring manually by using hand-held RTK devices and to assign the entered values automatically to the nearest parcel. Hence you can walk around in the trial while scoring without the need of keeping specified scoring routes.

Performance features

— Ready-to-use bundle
— Easy handling and intuitive operation
— Time savings during the scoring

Data sheet

Service provider bundle

A flight system for a variety of applications

For service providers, an all-season use of the flight system is indispensable for secured and constant sales. With a flexible flight system and selected sensors, the flight system can be used at any time of the year and data can be generated for different areas of application. Depending on the clientele and customer’s orientation, we will provide you with an individual service provider bundle. The most common applications are the creation of application maps for optimized fertilizer applications, the calculation of volumes (biogas plants or stock-piles), the topographic survey of agricultural fields and the detection and quantification of damage caused by game animals or hail. The application of Trichogramma as biological pest control is also increasingly demanded and can be executed with our UAV system.

We would be pleased to advise you in possible applications.

Performance features

Versatile flight system
— All-season use through different applications
— Quick change of sensor systems
— Incl. individual training for your applications

Data sheet

UAV stock-pile survey system

UAV stock-pile survey system – simple, fast and efficient

geo-konzept’s UAV stock-pile survey system contains the entire hardware and software for the simple survey from complete quarries up to single stock-piles and cubature. The UAV stock-pile survey system includes the ready-to-fly quadcopter system for automatic mission flight and a high-resolution RGB camera (20.8 MPix) as well as the powerful software VolumeX of geo-konzept for a simple, objective and repeatable calculation of cubature.
The simple and intuitive operation of the individual components allows you to independently carry out your data acquisition and processing immediately. In the three-day training course, you will get introduction and training for all components of the UAV stock-pile survey system. The necessary certificate (according to § 21a Section 4 Sentence 3 No. 2 of the Air Traffic Regulations) for safe operation of unmanned aerial vehicles is also part of the training. Furthermore a UAV carefree protection package is included in the stock-pile survey system. This carefree package will provide you with one free of charge replacement of flight system and RGB camera within the first 12 months. This gratis protection also takes effect for personal guilt.

Performance features

Ready-to-use complete system
— Easy handling and intuitive operation
— Time saving in surveying and inventory
— No data processing in the cloud, all data is processed directly at your PC hardware
— Complete instruction and training in all hardware and software components
— Pilot training and theory certificate (certified by UAV DACH)
— One contact for all components
— UAS carefree package
— Service provider bundle
— A flight system for a variety of applications

Data sheet

XR6 Dropper

Trichogramma discharge unit

Via Trichogramma containers, ichneumon for the biological control of the European corn borer is ejected. One container (500 balls) can cover about 5 ha. Each ejection and error event is logged for a later review.
The XR6 Trichogramma bundle contains the entire hardware and software for the automatic application of Trichogramma spheres for controlling the corn borer (System AMW and many others on request). It includes the ready-to-fly XR6 hexacopter system for an automatic mission flight, as well as the XR6 Trichogramma dropper with a capacity of 500 balls. The specially developed dropping system is able to fly 5 hectares of maize in 15 minutes and to throw balls in a 10m grid. The dropping is controlled and stored for the data documentation.
Also included are the professional Jeti-DC-16 control station and our useful transport and storage bag for the copter. Furthermore a weatherproof charging case and an additional charging device are included for a quick charging of the batteries. The package includes one-day pilot training in flight law, flight practice, the safe and efficient planning of mission flights with our flight planning software as well as the evaluation of dropper log data.

Performance features

1 flight = 500 bullets = 5 ha
— Documentation of the dropping events
— Reliable system for safe execution
— Expansion for the XR6 hexacopter

Data sheet